Assistant Dean of Community and Inclusion

Job Summary

The Assistant Dean of Community and Inclusion leads ongoing efforts and envisions new directions for growth at the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies in the areas of community, inclusion and diversity. The Assistant Dean will support efforts to further the School’s mission to be an organization that is relevant, inclusive and responsive to all people – ensuring that we can think, act, and engage most effectively with the wide breadth of environmental challenges. The incumbent – with a demonstrated passion and commitment to the environmental field – reports to the Dean of the School and is responsible for working collaboratively across the School’s administrative leadership team and faculty, in addition to with key partners across the university and externally. The Assistant Dean for Community and Inclusion will supervise a part-time professional staff member dedicated to supporting work in this area, as well as mentor and collaborate with the Director of Enrollment Management and Diversity Initiatives. The Assistant Dean will lead efforts to (1) increase the diversity of students, staff and faculty (recruitment and retention); (2) infuse core values of diversity, inclusion and equity into the education, research, practice and outreach activities of the School; and (3) promote a cohesive community within the School around its strategic mission and goals. 


The successful applicant for this managerial and professional position will collaborate with the School’s leadership (including the Dean’s Office, Faculty, Student Services [Admissions, Registrar, Career Development, Doctoral Program], the Research Office, Development & Alumni Services, Communications, and Human Resources) to develop and implement practices to: 
  1. Increase the recruitment and retention of faculty, staff and students from backgrounds traditionally underrepresented (e.g. racial, ethnic, and socio-economic minorities) in environmental fields and in the School.
  2. Develop a School-wide culture that exemplifies a cohesive community with shared values for diversity, equity and inclusion to provide a supportive and stimulating environment for meeting the School’s mission and goals. Chair the Equality, Inclusion and Diversity (EQUID) committee, composed of students, staff and faculty. The committee is tasked with assisting the Assistant Dean in developing this culture of inclusion.
  3. Support the graduate programs (both Masters and Doctoral) through work with Senior Leadership and Faculty to improve the academic experience of students, including a focus on pedagogy, student advising and the development of courses, independent study opportunities and other academic services that promote the success of all students regardless of gender identity, gender expression, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, political values, citizenship, personality type, disability, learning style, or other such factors.
  4. Provide mentorship and guidance to the Director of Enrollment Management and Diversity Initiatives and Admission Counselor as they work with students and student groups to develop and deliver ‘ground-up’ events/ practices focused on diversity, community and inclusion; as well as to address issues related to these areas as they arise.
  5. Maintain expertise on best practices, in addition to laws and guidelines, that relate to diversity, equity and inclusion in recruitment, outreach, and teaching. Document, implement and disseminate to appropriate constituents within the School.
  6. Steward the School's network of relationships and partnerships across the University (especially with other Deans/ Directors of offices focused on diversity, community and inclusion) – and with external organizations, agencies and community partners – to ensure the development and maintenance of strategic partnerships with local, regional, national and international affinity organizations which enhance the School's efforts to recruit and retain faculty, staff and students from historically under-represented populations, and to develop successful programming, outreach, research and practice.
  7. Benchmark the outcomes of diversity initiatives against data from other nationally-ranked programs. Develop key metrics that capture the value and performance of this area, track and report the measures and use data to drive continuous improvement.
  8. Help develop and implement effective communication strategies, web and interactive media, and marketing and promotional collateral materials for recruiting, outreach and community building. Ensure that the key messages with respect to diversity initiatives are appropriately positioned and integrated and that the specific needs of diverse audiences are considered and met.
  9. Help develop and deliver diversity, equity and inclusion components for federal and non-federal grant proposals, contracts and donor opportunities.
  10. Manage and leverage the fiscal resources allocated to diversity and community initiatives. Prepare an annual strategic budget proposal and manage area expenditures relative to the approved financial allocation. 

Required Education and Experience

  1. Master's degree in related field and a minimum of five years of progressively responsible experience in either educational administration or related corporate roles with direct experience in one or more of: admissions, recruitment, or diversity programming.
  2. Experience working with and/or serving diverse populations.
  3. Demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Preferred Education and Experience

  1. Earned PhD/EdD – or similar.
  2. Administrative experience and/or experience implementing inclusion and diversity efforts in the environmental field preferred.

Skills & Abilities

  1. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (written and oral), evidencing the ability and desire to connect and build productive relationships with students, staff, and faculty of the Yale F&ES community.
  2. Demonstrated knowledge of and engagement with current trends in literature/scholarship regarding diversity, inclusion, and equity.
  3. Demonstrated ability in fostering inclusive and equitable communities through advocacy, collaboration, development, and empowerment.
  4. Extensive experience in program development, resource creation, strategic planning, and workshop facilitation for diversity and inclusion initiatives.

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Application Details

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