EVST Program Manager

STARS Requisition #: 47241BR

Job Summary:  The EVST Program Manager is responsible for the administrative management for the Yale College Environmental Studies Major and Program. This position reports to the Chair of EVST and works closely with the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Principal Responsibilities:
1.  Operates as the primary financial officer of the EVST Major and Program, and is responsible for long-term budgeting and financial administration of the program, which includes preparation of monthly budget status reports, identifying key sources of income and types of expenditures, along with projected annual balances. 
2.  Ensures outstanding stewardship of new and existing endowments, and prepares quarterly reports of individual endowments’ actual income and expenditures, aligned with indenture limitations. Works with the Yale College, FES, and Yale Central Development offices to expand the EVST endowments, and to report on an annual basis to donors. 
3.  Works closely with the Chair, the Faculty Advisory Committee, the Director of Undergraduate Studies, and other faculty at Yale, to encourage the offering of dynamic, interactive, and experiential courses that address the most crucial environmental topics of our times. Facilitates the evaluation and improvement of the EVST curricular concentrations; and refines and expands course offerings for the BA and BS degree programs.  Collaborates with the EVST chair and relevant faculty to develop and refine EVST curricular concentration topics.
4.  Works with the Chair and Faculty Advisory Committee to expand and manage the international and global academic environmental program.
5.  Ensures efficient implementation of EVST faculty appointment decisions, working with FAS, departmental, and professional school appointment staff and assures all required and core courses are staffed.  
6.  Develops and sustains strong relations with relevant Faculty of Arts and Sciences departments, the Yale College Dean’s Office (YCDO), the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies (FES), and a growing number of environmental centers and programs within Yale University, as well as developing strong ties to the administrative services already in place within YCDO and FES. 
7.  Works with the Chair to appoint and manage 3 Advisory Committees: Faculty Advisory Committee, Student Advisory Committee & External Advisory Committee.
8.  Organizes and administers the annual EVST Internship Program, which includes solicitation & review of student applications, coordination of resources with other academic units of Yale, management of the distribution of funding to grantees, and solicitation and review of student reports and evaluations. Explores and develops additional internship and research opportunities.
9.  Develops and implements communication plans designed to attract and inform potential student majors, donors, and others regarding the mission, programs, and quality of the EVST major. Collaborates with relevant experts across the University to develop electronic media, including the EVST website, newsletter, written papers and reports, senior essays, lecture archives and videos of student research presentations.  
10. Works with the Yale College Center for International and Professional Experience (CIPE) and FES Career Services units to encourage students to build upon their summer internships toward careers and further academic degrees in environmental fields.  Maintains communication with EVST and Yale College 5th Year Degree Program alumni.  
11. Secures additional staff to assure effective implementation of responsibilities outlined above.
12. Develops and implements other programs, projects, and activities as needed.
Skills and Abilities 1:  Superb oral and written communication skills. Ability to write concisely with clarity, logic and organization, with excellent editorial skills. Demonstrated computer literacy word processing, spreadsheet design & analysis.
Skills and Abilities 2:  Outstanding organizational and interpersonal skills. Demonstrated ability in an undergraduate setting. Understanding the challenge of balancing academic and residential life obligations at Yale College
Skills and Abilities 3:Ability to work independently as well as collaboratively with faculty and staff at all levels and from many different areas of the University. Has a team orientation/takes a collaborative approach.
Skills and Abilities 4:  Ability to use sound judgment in responding to issues and concerns and in following policies and procedures.
Skills and Abilities 5:  Analytical and critical thinking skills, including a proven ability to analyze information and synthesize data with strong attention to detail. Ability to prepare interpretive and evaluative reports, and financial statements.

Required Education and Experience:
Bachelor’s degree in related field and three years of experience or an equivalent combination of education and related experience.

Preferred Education and Experience:  Masters’ Degree in Environmental Studies, and 10+ years of national and international experience in several environmental fields. Strong record of research & writing; knowledge of Yale College academic and residential life programs.

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