Joint MBA Program with Universidad de los Andes

Purpose and Background

Yale University and the Universidad de los Andes are partnering to provide world-class professional development to a select group of managers who will hopefully, upon graduation, seek employment with organizations in the region.

Starting in 2011, FES and the Universidad de los Andes (UniAndes) began offering a  joint program. Upon completion of the program, students will be granted both an MBA from UniAndes and an Environmental Masters degree. UniAndes is currently ranked among the five best MBA programs in Latin America and is a leader in Latin America in business and management education. The MBA program at UniAndes is internationally accredited by European Foundation for Management Development (EQUIIS), the Association of MBAs (AMBA) and the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). Students will complete 2 years of academic study at F&ES, and then will begin their program at UniAndes during the 2nd summer. The UniAndes program is approximately 16 months, making the joint program about 3.5 years.

Application Process

Applicants must apply to each school separately in accordance with their deadlines and requirements.

To apply to the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, you must submit an online application. Information about the application process can be found on the Admissions website. Questions related to the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies may be directed to the Office of Admissions.

For information on applying to the MBA program at the Universidad de los Andes, please visit their website. Questions related to the program can be directed to Diana Vesga, Director of the MBA program.

Because the application processes to each school are separate, applicants must complete applications and submit all materials to each school they are applying to. Applicants may either request separate recommenders for each school or ask each recommender to send two versions of the recommendation — one Universidad de los Andes and one to FES. We want to learn about an applicant's suitability for each school and program.

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