Dual Degree program with Tsinghua University

Dual Degree program with Tsinghua University (Master of Science in Environmental Engineering)

Allowing students at Tsinghua to bolster their skills in environmental policy and management or enabling Yale students to enhance their expertise in key areas of environmental engineering, the joint program is a new offering for the Fall 2015 entry term. Foci for the program include the study of industrial systems, pollution management, water treatment, and energy technology.
Degrees Earned
Tsinghua University - Master of Science in Environmental Engineering.
Yale University - Master of Environmental Management, Master of Forestry, Master of Environmental Science or Master of Forest Science.
Applicants must apply to and be admitted under normal admissions procedures determined separately by each school.  While neither school will be involved in the admissions criteria for the other, administrators at both schools may discuss dual applicants, when appropriate. Students will be required to submit supporting documentation, such as transcripts, TOEFL and GRE reports, letters of recommendation, writing samples and personal statements, separately to each of SOE and F&ES in accordance with their application procedure.
Students are encouraged to apply to both schools at the same time however, it is possible for students to apply for admissions to the Host University while completing their first year of study at their Home University.
Recommended Study Sequence
Tsinghua (Home University) Half year at the Home University, one and one-half years at the Host University, and 1 year at the Home University
F&ES (Home University) One year at the Home University, one and one-half years at the Host University, and half a year at the Home University. In the case where thesis research requires substantial primary data collection in the Home University, the students are encouraged to spend the summer after the second year of study at the Home University.

Summer Experience Requirements
All students with Tsinghua as their home university, must complete the required summer internship or research experience the summer after their first semester at Yale. All students with Yale as their home university can do their summer internship or research experience in their first or second summer.

Dual Degree Requirements
36 Yale credits, 23 Tsinghua credits, a research thesis, and completion of a 3-week summer Module at F&ES. Credit requirements may be met by taking a combination of courses offered as lectures, seminars, directed studies and development of research proposals.
Program Directors
Professor Xuhui Lee – Yale University (xuhui.lee@yale.edu)
Professor Jiane Zuo – Tsinghua University (jiane.zuo@mail.tsinghua.edu.cn)
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