Water Resource Science and Management

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Purpose and Scope

More than one quadrillion gallons of the world's freshwater is appropriated each year to support agriculture, industry, mining, and urbanization. These thirsty culprits, together with climate change, have stressed the global supply and quality of water, imperiling human health and the functioning of freshwater and coastal ecosystems alike. Mitigating water scarcity and pollution relies on management approaches and policy levers that reflect the most recent advances in scientific understanding and on skill in forecasting ecosystem responses and socio-economic consequences of potential management and policy actions.

The purpose of this specialization is to build student expertise in the science, policy, and management of water resources in preparation for careers that call for solutions to challenges posed by the world's emerging and longstanding water-related issues. Students seeking employment within federal and state environmental agencies (e.g., USGS, USEPA, DEP), environmental non-governmental organizations (e.g., WRI, Nature Conservancy), international development agencies, local and interstate watershed commissions, industry, and environmental consulting firms should consider this specialization.

Specialization Coordinator: Jim Saiers


Two required courses.
F&ES 712Water Resource Management
F&ES 724Watershed Cycles and Processes


Students must take at least two courses from each category.


F&ES 710Coastal Governance
F&ES 807Corporate Environmental Management and Strategy
F&ES 824Environmental Law and Policy
F&ES 826Foundations of Natural Resource Policy and Management
F&ES (New) Environmental Economics and Policy
F&ES (New) Fundamentals of Accounting and Finance
F&ES (New) Perspectives on State and Society for Environmental Management


F&ES 706Organic Pollutants in the Environment
F&ES 707Aquatic Chemistry
F&ES 708Introduction to Environmental Chemistry
F&ES 714Environmental Hydrology
F&ES 723Wetlands Ecology, Conservation & Management
F&ES 734Biological Oceanography
F&ES 812Energy's Impact on Freshwater Resources
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