2016 Class Gift

The landscape

83% participation!

$5,355.96 raised!

As graduation day quickly approaches and we all reflect on our time at F&ES, we are also presented with the opportunity to give back through the 2016 Class Gift.

What is the Class Gift? Every year, the graduating class makes a collective gift to the Annual Fund at F&ES, which supports scholarships for future students in financial need. These scholarships provide meaningful aid to incoming students, while also symbolizing our school pride and peer support.

Our Class Gift continues this legacy of students giving back to our School and our students. For every $1,000 raised, a new “Class of 2016 Scholarship” is created for an incoming Class of 2018 student. We have set the goal of raising $5,000--that’s five scholarships--with 100% participation from our class. This year, the campaign is focused on impact: the impact FES has had on you, and the impact your gift will have on the incoming class.  

You will see the Class Gift Agents tabling in the Kroon Knob in front of a landscape that we designed. When you make a gift, we encourage you to increase the diversity of the landscape by adding to it, whether it be a fish, a leaf, a bird, or whatever you would like. We want to see a landscape that is as vibrant and full as our class, reflecting all of our generosity as we support future F&ES-ers.

Donations are accepted in-person through the Class Agents or by donating online here. You can track our progress as the landscape grows by checking this page throughout the campaign. We hope you take a moment to give what you can to the Class Gift and that you encourage your friends to give—gifts of all amounts count and make a real difference.

Thank you from your Class Gift Agents and future F&ESers!

Your Class of 2016 Agents:

Ralien Bekkers
Marguerite Harden
Katie Holsinger
Mike Johnson
Grace Kankindi
Jules Luthringer
Apurva Mathur
Sabrina Szeto
Tamara Thomas
Raymond Waweru

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Honor Roll

Shaadee Ahmadnia
Emma Akrawi
James Albis
Ibrahim Amidu
Gabriela Baeza-Castaneda
James Ball
Ralien Bekkers
Jacob Bukoski
Claudia Canales Gallardo
Brittany Carmon
Paloma Caro Torres
Mikael Cejtin
Samuel Cohen
Boming Cui
Tristanne Davis
Benjamin Dawson
Timila Dhakhwa
Erika Drazen
Aiman Duckworth
Bryan Early
Menaal Ebrahim
Rachel Ett
Madeleine Faucher
Eric Fine
Anna Finke
Julius Fischer
Beata Fiszer
Rodrigo Flores-Gutierrez
Rachel Fried
Jonathan Glogower
Lucian Go
Maria Gutierrez Lizaur
Anne Haas
Nathan Hall
Marguerite Harden II
Katherine Holsinger
Samantha Hudson
Lara Iwanicki
Stephanie Johns
Whitney Johnson
Michael Johnson
Sumit Kadakia
Enni Kallio
Grace Kankindi
Colin Kelly
Mohammad Khan
Elias Kohn
Nina Lagpacan
Kristin Lambert
Iliana Lazarova
Meghan Lewis
Katelyn Liesner
Fairuz Loutfi Olivares
Breanna Lujan
Lea Lupkin
Julia Luthringer
Karena Mahung
Luciana Maia Villalba
Elizabeth Marsters
Catherine Martini
Apurva Mathur
Logan McCoy
Meaghan McGrath
Michael Meehan
Deborah Merriam
Ruth Metzel
Andrew Moffat
William Murtha
Robert Mwaniki
Stephanie Ng
Erik Norell
Nicholas Olson
Aisha Pasha
Rupal Patel
Dana Patterson
Olivia Pearman
Sonam Peldon
Michael Pellegrino
Leonora Pepper
Juan Portal Giraldo
Kyra Prats
Lindsey Ratcliff
Daniel Reid
Eli Roberts
Rafael Roca Gonzales
Lawrence Rodman
Adrien Salazar
Thomas Selby
Kelsey Semrod
Hassaan Sipra
Allison Sloto
Sara Smiley Smith
Weijing Soh
Ariana Spawn
Sarah Stevens
Yinong Sun
Wan-Yu Sung
Latha Swamy
Sabrina Szeto
Zaheer Tajani
Sara Tannenbaum
Tamara Thomas
Trevor Thompson
Linh Tran
John van der Stricht
Meredith VanAcker
Elliott Vander Kolk
Mariana Vedoveto
Lisa Veliz
Matthew Viens
Dorji Wangdi
Michael Warady
Raymond Waweru
Katherine Weber
Leanne Weiss
Laurel Williams
Charter Williams
Stefanie Wnuck
Nicole Wooten
Andrew Wu
Kaiyang Xu
Jiani Yang
Hong Yang
Kezang Yangden
Daphne Yin
Jonghyun Yoo
Michèle Zollinger