F&ES 505a / 2017-2018

Economics of the Environment

Credits: 3
Fall 2017: Tu,Th, 8:30-9:50, SPL 59


This Foundations course within the M.E.M. program provides an introduction to the field of environmental and natural resource economics and policy. It covers both general methodological principles and specific applications. Rather than serving as a standard course in environmental and natural resource economics, the course is tailored specifically to M.E.M. students and hence focuses on environmental problem solving in the real world. While the course begins with a review of the principles of microeconomic analysis applied to environmental and natural resource management, it quickly moves into applications of particular concern for environmental management

The course is a prerequisite for all advanced economics courses and provides knowledge that is fundamental to success in most FES courses on resource management.

F&ES 505 is a prerequisite for:
F&ES 800: Energy Economics and Policy Analysis
F&ES 806: Economics of Pollution Management