Degree Programs

Masters Program

The School of the Environment offers four two-year master's degrees:

Professionally oriented:

Others include:

The master's degree programs vary in their level of prescription, but all are sufficiently flexible to accomodate the diverse academic backgrounds, professional experiences, and career aspirations of a large and vibrant student body. The program curricula draw from more than one hundred courses taught by fifty YSE faculty, as well as from courses taught elsewhere at Yale. Each student's course of study is customized through consultation with a faculty advisor who guides the student's learning experience from the first week at Yale until graduation.

The master's degree programs require:
  • A minimum of two years in residence
  • 48 credits of coursework at Yale
  • A summer intership or research experience
  • A completion of the Training Modules in Technical Skills prior to the student's first term. 
In addition, all incoming master’s degree candidates are required to participate in three weeks of summer orientation modules (MODs) that impart field knowledge and problem solving techniques considered indispensable to students intending careers in environmental science, management, and policy.

Joint Masters Degrees

Dual Masters Degree

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