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With students at the heart of all that we do, the Office of Student Affairs creates holistic learning opportunities, programs and services that prepare environmentally focused students to lead, serve and become engaged members of a global society.

The Office of Student Affairs is committed to incorporating the foundational pillars of our community in all of the work we do – diversity, inclusion, collaboration, engagement, support, alignment and empowerment.

Upcoming Events

Nature Immersion Morning Meditation
Sep. 30, 2021 - Thursday
8:00 AM — 8:30 AM
Farnam Garden, 327 Prospect St.


Andres Fernandez

Andrés Fernández

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs | Kroon Hall, Room 101

Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Andrés Fernández Álvarez joined YSE in June 2021. Prior to Yale, Andrés was an Associate Dean at Brown University, an Assistant Dean at Oberlin College, an Assistant Director of MBA Admissions at Columbia University, an Advisor for Global Programs at New York University, the Translator to the Venezuelan Ambassador to the United Nations and a Project Manager in a Refugee Camp in Zambia. He hopes to provide developmental advising/mentoring and helping students identify and understand their resources and options, empowering them to make more informed choices, facilitating opportunities to find a sense of belonging and to build relationships across differences. He engages in this work from a place of care, empathy, and compassion.
Alyssa Pereira portrait

Alyssa Pereira

Assistant Director, Student Affairs & YSE Deputy Title IX Coordinator | Kroon Hall, Room 104

Alyssa Pereira serves the YSE community as the Assistant Director of Student Affairs and Deputy Title IX Coordinator. Alyssa completed her master’s degree in College Student Personnel Services at Arkansas State University and her bachelor’s degree in Business Management at Albertus Magnus College. As a passionate advocate for the college student experience, Alyssa has enjoyed a rich and varied career in student life. Alyssa has been responsible for student engagement, health and wellness, mentorship, and new student orientation. Alyssa leads the YSE Title IX Working Group as well as the YSE Wellness Working Group. She is also co-founder of SWAY (Student Wellness at Yale) a group of professionals across Yale who are passionate about bringing wellness resources and initiatives at the forefront of the student experience.

A native of Connecticut, Alyssa was born at Yale New Haven Hospital and grew up in North Haven, a small suburb outside of the City. She currently lives in the town of Bethany with her husband, three children and dog Zoe. In her free time she enjoys gardening, reading, decorating her home and traveling.

Mia Wilson, LCSW

Embedded Counselor, Mental Health Provider | Yale Health Center

My name is Mia Wilson and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I graduated with my MSW from New York University. I have experience with a variety of populations including birth to three, children and adolescents, adults, and people age fifty and over. I have worked in crisis, residential, and in-home settings. My philosophy is that people grow and change in many different ways throughout the course of their lives. We all experience challenges in our life where we could benefit from extra unbiased support. I am here to help as you navigate emotional development, trauma, grief/loss, or environmental/community stressors and factors. My approaches include insight-oriented therapy, CBT, and person-centered therapy. As the client, you are the expert on yourself and my job is to help you dig deeper to understand your most inner layer. My aim is to support you in your environment in reaching your goals. I am excited to begin working as the mental health provider for both the Law School and School of the Environment

Mia will be available to meet with YSE students Mondays 11am-7pm, Wednesdays 9am-5pm, and Fridays 8am-12pm: Schedule an appointment. If you do not see a time that works for you please email Mia so you can attempt to find a time.

If you need immediate assistance please call 911 or the Acute Care line at 203-432-0290 to speak with an on-call clinician.
Cristina Violano portrait

Cristina Violano

Administrative Assistant, Student Affairs | Kroon Hall, Room 108

Cristina joined YSE in 2017 as an administrative assistant providing support to the Student Affairs and Registrar offices. When Cristina isn’t working she can be found trying new restaurants, exercising, or watching her favorite HGTV home improvement shows.

Cloe D

Claudia Ochoa

Student Assistant, Student Affairs

Claudia is an environmental lawyer from Peru. In addition to her current roles at Yale School of the Environment (YSE), she has worked as an advisor to the National Parks Service (SERNANP), as well as a collaborator to Sistema B Perú. Claudia has also served as advisor to the Ministry of the Environment and the National Forest and Wildlife Service in Peru, as well as provided technical and legal assistance to different companies and NGOs in sustainability, project design and policy analysis. She is pursuing a master's degree in environmental management at YSE. Her interests are climate change, biodiversity, and financial sustainability. She is very enthusiastic about becoming a trustworthy member of the YSE community and support students to achieve their goals while taking time to invest in their well-being. One of her goals is to bring everyone to Peru and enjoy Lima (her hometown), as her favorite places in the tropical forest, ocean and mountains.
Claudia likes traveling, reading, learning new languages, spending time in nature and having family time at the beach while cooking tons of food for her loved ones.
Raghav Srivastava

Raghav Srivastava

Student Assistant, Student Affairs

Raghav is a conservationist and lawyer from India. At YSE, he is pursuing an MEM degree with a double specialization in People, Equity and the Environment, and Environmental Policy Analysis. He has worked with WWF-India, UNDP, Dakshin Foundation in the past and wishes to go back to India after his graduation to continue working with forest-based and forest-adjacent communities across India. He is interested in the social sciences, political theory and the interactions which shape discourses of conservation and social justice. For Raghav, wellness is a necessity for a truly healthy and impactful life. He hopes to assist the Student Affairs team in its efforts to support and diffuse the dialogues and efforts around prioritizing being well, in YSE student life.