Employment and Salary Data

The Career Development Office conducts a survey six months after graduation each year, to determine the academic and employment activities of recent YSE graduates. 

The survey is a snapshot at 6 months post graduation, and includes only alumni who have participated in the survey.

Class of 2019 Master's Graduate First Destination by Sector

Employment Sector Responses
Private (Business / Consulting) 34%
Not-for-Profit / Non-Governmental Organization 32%
Government / Intergovernmental / Public Sector 16%
Academics (K - Higher Education) 9%
Further Study 8%
Private (Business / Law) 1%

 *Based on 107 Responses
Pie chart of employment sector data (from table)

Class of 2019 Starting Salary Range Percentages

Salary Range Responses
30k-40k 9%
40k-50k 16%
50k-60k 11%
60k-70k 15%
70k-80k 23%
80k-90k 8%
90k-100k 5%
100k-110k 4%
110k-120k 3%
120k-130k 1%
130k-140k 2%
150k-160k 1%
170k + 2%

 *Based on 91 Responses
Pie chart of salary data (from table)

2020 Summer Experience: Internships and Research

DSC 0370   Sarah Omusula
Austin Scheetz, MESc '20 completed his summer experience studying the economics of cattle herding and land sharing at the Mpala Research Centre in Laikipia County, Kenya
Khin Htet Htet Pyone outside of Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute

Khin Htet Htet Pyone, MEM '20 worked on the Myanmar Biodiversity Initiative Program at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, Front Royal, VA

Jane Chu
Tobias Daros, MEM/MBA '20 worked on the finance team at Apex Clean Energy in Charlottesville, Va

Employment Data Archive

Post-Graduation Employment Data

A survey is taken six months following graduation each year, to determine the academic and employment activities of recent YSE graduates. These summaries provide employment statistics including salary information. The results of the surveys from the classes of 2010 - 18 are given below.

Summer Masters Internships & Research

Students are required to complete internships or research projects as part of their masters program at YSE. Summer work takes place locally, nationally and internationally. See below for the most recent data on our students' summer work.