Job and Internship Search Guidelines

Students are expected to represent themselves and Yale School of the Environment professionally when interacting with employers and alumni during their job and internship searches, whether through CPD organized events or individually.

Top considerations include:
  • Professional/appropriate dress
  • On-time attendance
  • Advance preparation for meetings and interviews
  • Being courteous and fully present (i.e. no phones or snacking)
  • Professionally managing multiple offers
Reneging on Offers
Accepting an offer and then later rejecting it for a better offer is extremely unprofessional and is highly discouraged by CPD staff.  Reneging on an offer is damaging to your professional reputation, and affects the reputation of YSE and peers. Reneging may also damage the relationship that you, Yale alumni, CPD staff or faculty members have developed with the employer.

Cancelling an Interview
Any student needing to cancel an interview is encouraged to send a note of explanation/apology to the organization’s HR Representative/Recruiter. Sending a message is a professional courtesy and an important aspect of relationship management. The CPD recommends giving employers at least 48 hours notice of a cancellation.
Managing Offer Timelines
In general, students work directly with employers to identify a mutually agreeable offer response timetable.  As our students seek employment in a wide variety of sectors with varying deadlines and many “just-in-time hiring” positions, acceptance timetables may span weeks or even months.  Please consult CPD staff to discuss and weigh your options, develop a strategy to professionally manage employer expectations, and to create a reasonable timeline for decision-making.

Professional Standards for Employers
Yale School of the Environment expects employers to operate using the highest professional standards. Contact CPD staff immediately if you feel that an interaction with an employer has been unprofessional or that the amount of time permitted to make a decision is not reasonable so that we may address the issue appropriately.