Water Resource Science and Management

Our Vision

Mitigating water scarcity and pollution relies on management approaches and policy levers that reflect the most recent advances in scientific understanding and on skill in forecasting ecosystem responses and socio-economic consequences of potential management and policy actions. The purpose of this specialization is to build student expertise in the science, policy, and management of water resources in preparation for careers that call for solutions to challenges posed by the world's emerging and longstanding water-related issues.


For students specializing in Water Resource Science and Management, the Career Development Office (CDO) recommends:
  • Search the school’s internal recruiting platform YSE Next by specialization (under the YSE Job Search tab) to see what employers looking for YSE talent are currently offering in the field. Explore opportunities in YSE Next.
  • Join at least one professional association. Associations are great networking resources and hold conferences, post jobs and internships, and keep members up to date on industry trends. Consider organizations like the American Water Works Association. (Always look out for great student rates!) Check out the complete list of CDO-recommended professional associations by field.
  • Pay special attention to field-specific fellowships and funding available through YSE, Yale, and beyond, which often support summer opportunities that can springboard new professional trajectories. Of note for this group is the Hixon Center for Urban Ecology Student Research Fellowship.