Water Resource Science and Management

Our Vision

Mitigating water scarcity and pollution relies on management approaches and policy levers that reflect the most recent advances in scientific understanding and on skill in forecasting ecosystem responses and socio-economic consequences of potential management and policy actions. The purpose of this specialization is to build student expertise in the science, policy, and management of water resources in preparation for careers that call for solutions to challenges posed by the world's emerging and longstanding water-related issues.


Specialization Coordinator

James Saiers
Jim Saiers
Professor Saiers studies water quality and supply. He runs experiments, collects observations, and develops models to illuminate how human activities affect the chemical composition of drinking water resources and alter freshwater flows within aquifers, wetlands, and river basins. His recent research projects address water quality impacts of fossil fuel development, carbon and nutrient transport through watersheds, radionuclide migration in groundwater, and climate change effects on water resources in Africa. This research is executed collaboratively with students, postdoctoral associates, and faculty from Yale and other Universities. Professor Saiers' teaching addresses various applied and theoretical aspects of surface water and groundwater hydrology. 

Teaching Faculty

Faculty who are currently teaching courses within this specialization.

Paul Anastas

Teresa and H. John Heinz III Professor in the Practice of Chemistry for the Environment

Shimon C. Anisfeld

Senior Lecturer and Research Scientist in Water Resources and Environmental Chemistry

Gaboury Benoit

Grinstein Class of 1954 Professor of Environmental Chemistry, Co-Director of the Hixon Center for Urban Ecology

Craig Brodersen

Professor of Plant Physiological Ecology

Richard Burroughs

Professor (Adjunct) of Coastal Science and Policy

Marian Chertow

Associate Professor of Industrial Environmental Management, Director of the Program on Solid Waste Policy, and Director of the Industrial Environmental Management Program

Susan G. Clark

Joseph F. Cullman 3rd Adjunct Professor of Wildlife Ecology and Policy Sciences

Mary Beth Decker


Daniel C. Esty

Hillhouse Professor of Environmental Law and Policy, jointly with Yale Law School; Director of the Center for Environmental Law and Policy

Robert Klee


Sarah Kruse


Robert O. Mendelsohn

Edwin Weyerhaeuser Davis Professor of Forest Policy; Professor of Economics; and Professor, School of Management

Peter A. Raymond

Professor of Ecosystem Ecology

James E. Saiers

Clifton R. Musser Professor of Hydrology

Julie Zimmerman

Senior Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Professor of Green Engineering, Assistant Director for Research at Center for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering