Eli Fenichel

Knobloch Family Professor of Natural Resource Economics


Capital Asset Pricing for Nature with capN

Is now downloadable from CRAN for calculating natural capital asset prices, developed by Seong Do Yun, with Eli Fenichel and Joshua Abbott. The installation folder also includes the user manual. A single asset data, based on Fenichel & Abbott 2014, and a simulated multi-asset data are included. A problem set is available on GitHub.

There is a mirror website for reporting bugs and tracking software updates: https://sites.google.com/site/yunsd2004/capn.

The suggested citation is: 
Yun, S., E. P. Fenichel, and J. K. Abbott, 2016, capn: Capital Asset Pricing for Nature (R package), http://environment.yale.edu/profile/eli-fenichel/software.
As capn is continually evolving, you may want to cite its version number. Find it with “help(package=capn)”.

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